Personal Post: Wifey and Mommy Life

Hi there! I am working on being a little more personal and showing you guys more about the person behind Mandy Holiman Photography. So here’s a personal post about my life as a wife and a mommy.

As you probably could have guessed, I’m Mandy. I am a Family and Portrait Photographer based in Benton, AR.

Before moving to Arkansas in 2008, I was living in a suburb of St. Louis, MO (huge Cardinals fan here). I moved here to live with my dad while attending UA Little Rock and working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Photography. The plan was to move back to Missouri once I graduated, but those plans changed when I met an amazing man who I am now lucky enough to call my husband. Josh and I began dating at the end of 2011, got engaged in January of 2013 and were married in September 2013.


After 2 years of marriage, we decided to grow our family by four paws and adopted the cutest dog ever, Finn! Seriously y’all, he is SUCH a good dog!


1 ½ years after adopting Finn, we decided to grow our family once more. This time, by 2 teeny, tiny feet and 2 itty, bitty hands. In just a few short weeks, our little man will turn 1 and it’s SO hard to believe that! My momma heart can’t take how quickly he’s growing. Let’s flashback to Theo’s newborn photo:


I will say that I thoroughly enjoy being a mom. It’s one of the best titles I’ve ever had. It’s chaotic, messy, scary, heart-warming yet heart-breaking all at once… It’s beautiful and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.